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Sniper on the Loose

This case is just crazy! There was another shooting this morning that may be related to the sniper. Any T-maggers from this area? Must be insane.

I live in Herndon, VA about 30 miles west of DC and 30 miles north of Manasass where they latest one happened. I work in DC. I know this place is crazy, but this is totally f’ing insane. What can you do? Herc

I grew up in Montgomery County, MD where all of last Thursday’s shootings took place, and I live in Prince George’s county, MD now (work in DC), where the kid was shot earlier this week. The thing that is bothering everyone is that the sniper is just taking out random people doing everyday things like getting gas, mowing the lawn, etc, so for people here, it’s kind of an eerie feeling everytime you’re out, because you never know if you’ll be next.

I work down there a lot and live about an hour away. It is a bad scene alright. Snipers stike fear in the hearts of people. In the military especially ,troops worry about them. One shot, out of the blue, always aimed. Who’s next? Another sniper is usually an effective response. This situation who knows what to do. In the back of my mind I think it is realted to terrorism. It’s low cost, causes a lot of terror, hard to defeat. The police have a tough job on their hands down there. I hope they get lucky and kill this guy or guys. Man you shoot an innocent child even some street justice is too good for you.

I went to school at GW in DC. My uncle lives in the Aspen Hill area of Maryland, so all those street names sounded very familar to me when I saw it in the papers. This absolutely nuts.

It’s like the Dirty Harry movie dude.

You can already see the guy doing it. You know he’s going to be a redneck wearing a dirty camo shirt, some old bar-b-que stained jeans, probably a free Marlboro hat covering his mullet.

I don’t think that perpetuating ignorant stereotypes of people is very helpful in any instance and definitely not this one. The media is doing a bad enough job by saying the guy is a sniper. We have quite a few hard working guys in the military and on police forces that train very hard to do a damn difficult job and they go by the term sniper. This guy has average to maybe a hair above average skills with a rifle and he’s a nutcase willing to kill innocent people. His shots are nothing remarkable. He made a bad shot on the kid at the school from a prone position at only 150 yards. Madman with rifle would be a far more accurate term. I hope they catch the guy or possibly guys that are doing this soon. Then we’ll all get a clear picture of what he or they look like but I doubt we’ll ever undertand why he/they are doing this.

I live on campus (near the shootings), and a lot of people here are very, very worried. There are so many people milling about all over the place, it really wouldn’t be a challenge for a sniper. But hey, I’ve had a good run.

Great! Just what we needed. Some kid with no self esteem will be watching the news and get inspiration to go on his own killing spree.

I live near Annapolis, MD. (Not too far away.) But I have been going to Rockville to a company called V-ONE for some satellite presentations. Their building is right next to the Montgomery Co. Police Dept. It is like a circus. They have tents everywhere, and more media than law enforcement. I hope they catch this guy soon, my gf works near there. I know it sounds dumb but I make sure her gas tank is always full. As of this morning (10/11/02) the reward is up to $333,000 for info leading to an inditement. People all across the nation are contributing to this reward fund which was $50,000 only a week ago. Later…

What’s so scary is that a person capable of something like this is made up of a “deadly” mixture of sociopath, psychopath and egomaniac. People like this “feed” off the chaos and fear they create. And this guy certainly has done that in MD (created chaos and fear).

He's enjoying this. I hope they get him soon, and I hope he receives VERY little media attention once caught. To receive a ton of media "hype" would feed his need (and self satisfaction), even more - throw him in a dark cell and lock the door.

I live in Rockville with wife and 2 boys. It is very scary and I have had to tell my boys they can’t be running around and playing outside like they are used too. I am now driving my kids to school and the bus stop, something I thought I’d never do. There is no pattern and that is what makes it real scary. All the shootings are related and whoever is doing them is keeping us guessing by moving around.
I’m usually one of the first out in my neighborhod walking my T-Dog(Alaskan Malamute) at 6am, I’m not worried but it has kept thing real quiet.
I will not let my kids go out for Halloween if this sniper is still loose, they can have a party at home.

I live in M.C., and go to school in DC. One of the shootings was right behind the mall where we used to go after school, the 1st gas station shooting is within walking distance of my best friend’s house. This really is like one of those dirty harry movies. I’ll bet they get him eventually, supposedly they have a witness or something from a shooting last night in VA, but when I go home this weekend I’m only walking our dog in the backyard.

The last incident happened in my home town (Manassas, VA.) - The first time I heard about it was from my mom telling me about all the police cars they saw, etc. Crazy. I grew up in the DC area, and while DC isn’t exactly known as a crime-free city, it’s awful to think that something like this is happening where I grew up.

There is a pattern. 3 shootings at gas stations. 2 at schools. Every victim either is or looked like a non caucasian. All the shootings are in one fairly small area. There is probably a lot about these shootings that isn’t being released as well. From the news this morning it looks like the shootings are at an increasing rate…another gas station and then one at a school. The perpetrator(s) will get caught because I don’t think they will stop until they do.

I’m originally from New York, and I just started school at Towson University. So far since I’ve been here, a kid got killed at the mall, two people were held up at gunpoint on campus, my friend and two other students were hit by a drunk driver one night, there were man-eating fish in the water and now, there’s a sniper. Can someone PLEASE tell me - does anything GOOD happen in Maryland? I feel like it’s been a month and a half of horror. I’m about ready to pack up and head back to the comfortable muggings and such of good ol’ NYC (or LI for that matter, haha).

The 6 years that I spent in the country were in rockville. It’s some fucked up shit alright.