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Sniffing Tren????

 i have used dmso and tren and it worked well...but i smelled like corn all the time...i herd you could sniff it...has any one done this???

 i am looking to drop body fat what eles could i stack with this??


Tren and DMSO is very very innefficient.

Snorting it? Are you talking about grinding up fina and snorting the crushed pellets? Or do you have actual tren powder? Either way, you might as well be snorting dirt.



I would recommend injecting it into your carotid artery first.


Basskiller has some instructions on making nasal spray Tren. Estimated to be more absorbable than the DMSO method.


If you are afraid of injections, then you have no business using steroids. The efficacy of transdermal or "snorting" is not worth the effort.


Oh boy. tren/DMSO sucks! Did it in college, waste of time!
If you don't have a source and want to do it yourself, buy a conversion kit. That is a better option than what you intend to do.
What to stack? Test prop. But if you can get the test prop, just go ahead and get some tren from the same source.


I sniff tren all the time..I'm not really big into coke..and after watching Pulp Fiction I'm kinda scared to snort heroin..this just isn't funny..


no one has herd of this befor???? i read it in anabloics 2006


Herd of what? Cattle?


Yea Llewellyn wrote about it. He said that theoretically you could do it by grinding up the fina pellets, but that there are better and safer ways to use tren.