Sniffing Ammonia

Is there any of you guys who have ever done it? What does it do in relation to your lifting?

I used it consistently for very heavy strongman events. It is great to fire you up and get you going before a lift, I didn’t like it for technical lifts, such as jerks, because I found a more lucid state provided more consistent results. If you feel like you need to fire yourself up for your lifts though, it will definitely do that. If you do decide to use it, get a small prescription bottle or plastic film canister. You can bust the ampule in there and then sniff it for an entire work out.

On a side note, if you do use it be careful I think it will gradually damage the sensitivity of your nose. I stopped because I was afraid of harming my sense of smell/taste.

I’ve only used a few times personally, and I stopped for the same reason Bomber suggested. I am not proficient enough at the lifts to alter my focus before a heavy single. You see a lot of the guys at worlds and Euro nationals use it but they’ve also had 10+ years in the sport so their technical ability with the lifts is much more efficient. If you do use it, use it only when necessary like certain pr attempts and at comps otherwise after awhile your senses will adapt and the effect will gradually become less and less intense.

It really clears the nose and your face.