Snickers Has an Energy Candy Bar?

Today while grocery shopping i happen to stumble upon a containerhanging inbetween 2 isles that had the snickers charge bar:??

Has b12
60 mg of caff
and 250 mg of taurine.

any takers?

I know it is filled with crap, but i guess i will try one tomorrow and let you’ll know how goes it!!

If you know it’s filled with crap why would you bother trying it? It really is fairly crap. Just a way to sell more candy bars, which is all it really is.

These are simply a glorified candy bar. My daughter bought me one a couple of weeks ago thinking she was being nice. It wasn’t bad as candy bars go but it’s a waste of money as an energy or protein source.

where have you been for the past like 6 yrs, lol.

the term energy bar is pretty pointless, as anything with calories provides energy.

have fun eating a fair share of trans fats too :smiley:

Ya i agree that they would be total junk, i wonder how many people are munching these daily for a pre workout and such lol

These type of products make me laugh because people believe the hype and buy them.

i don’t know about california but here in Florida they sell those snicker energy bars in every 7-11 circle-k k-mart wal-mart for a few years now ya get out much?

That may have been a test there in your area to see how people respond. Most companies won’t risk a whole run of production on something that they are not sure people will buy.

Me, I like my junk straight forward. No need to dress it up with some caffine and amino acids. The old snickers is just fine if you need a few hundred calories of shit to burn. Considering it a healthy alternative is just delusional.

You should try one fried.