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Sneeze Hurt My Ribs


This morning I sneezed, then saw I was on the floor (on my knees)from the incredible pain in my upper left ab brought on by the sneeze.

What the hell happened???
The area had a slight soreness to it beforehand, now I have to be careful how I move or more fun is sure to follow.....

THIS is a new one on me!

FYI: I meant to title this Abs not ribs lol.


you pulled your abs from sneezing...sucks dude!

i heard bob youngs did that a few years ago..i think.


Ribs okay?


I've had a bad back since I was 18 and have blown it out sneezing.


Contact Joe Weider, tell him you have a new exercise !




I have to tighten up my middle if I feel a sneeze coming on. A sudden, sharp contraction leaves something pulled, these days.


We'll never know from the lack of info...but I am surprised you were the first to say it.


Ribs ok.


Been worrying bout that, nothing poking through though...


lets start a club.


Costochondritis: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/costochondritis/DS00626

BTW, I'm not a doc, contrary to my username.


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