Sneaky Shugs

Chris Shugart,
did you really think you could put that you were writing your first novel and get away with noone asking about it?

You should know the forum better than that, you have no private life, we own you hehehe!

Anyway, without giving away too much, can you give us an idea of the style and what it is about? How far along it is etc? If not then all the best with it and good on you.

Hyphnz, it’s a romance detailing a summer fling in Paris between one Chris Shugart and an unamed companion that bears an uncanny resemblance to Cupcake.

At the rate I’m going I figure the book will be published posthumously around the year 2090. It’s just a fun side project I work on a little on the weekends. I guess you could say it’s in the minimalist “alternative fiction” category. That’s code word for “Oprah won’t like it and not many will buy it.” Then again, Chuck Palahniuk has had some commercial success with that genre, if you can call it a genre.

We’ll see how it goes. If I take it too seriously I stop writing, so I treat it as a fun diversion.

Very kewl.

  Shugs, that's awesome. Keep it up!!!! T-Men arent quitters, remember that!!! How's that for pressure? In all seriousness, we'd all love to have a read when (if) it gets done!


“Not many people will buy it”?

Perhaps modesty is just too deeply ingrained as a part of your silly-ass Texan upbringing, or maybe our definitions of “many” differ slightly.

I think you are underestimating the power of Brotherhood, because I can say with total confidence that if/when it is published, at LEAST 90% of T-Mag readers will buy it and give it a read.

So, that’s like 5 nerds and 3 hot chicks right there. Plus, your mom and TCs dog will probably both get a copy.

With numbers like that, you’ll be hittin’ Best-Seller in less than a month.


Chuck P style, cool, hope it goes well.

I agree with John Roman (hmmm, gotta be a nickname there somehere, how about Polanskis Brother?)if it does get published I’m sure many here would give it a read.

I can’t read, but I’d buy it just for shits and giggles. As long as there are pictures to color in, that is…