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Sneak Preview

I see several creatine posts on the board. Ian King will give his opinion on creatine Friday (issue #119) in his Heavy Metal column. Ian actually wrote a book on the stuff a while back. He also talks about drug free recovery, best all around exercises for sports and size, double split training, and a ton of other cool stuff.

I have to say that I really love Ian King’s stuff; his articles and original perspective/approach to the art and science of strength and hypertrophy training is truly refreshing…it has grown on me to the point where I am finding his works possibly even more enlightening than…dare I say…Charles Poliuin’s stuff (sorry Chuck!).
I found his Hevy Metal column excellent and look forward to this weeks edition with baited breath. As a practitioner of submission wrestling/mixed martial arts, one thing that upsets me is the lack of comprehensive writings on strength training for these kind of activities/sports. Hopefully…and it seems to be heading that way…between people like Ian King and Charles Staley…that gap could be bridged very soon! I hope I am right as there truly is a deficit of applicable information on this subject. Thanks to the guys at T-mag for allowing these guys to reach us and affect the way we not only train in the gym, but alter the whole way we look at the subject and to see the whole picture…the wood for the trees so to speak. Eternally grateful to all you guys(I love you guys!), Scott.