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Sneak Preview: Physique Clinic

Tomorrow (Friday) we’re launching a new Clinic!

Will this “ecto” last longer than the first one? Tune in and find out.

I think there will be a lot of expectations on this new person, good luck to them.

Ooooo exciting! I hope that this new person can be a strong example, and help a lot of people achieve their goals.


I cant wait!

What the hell is an ecto? Is there a list of body types somewhere? Like horoscope signs?

Pffft. If this ecto makes it. Good on him because I am pissed that I didn’t.

He’s going to have to have his dedication and motivation sky high. higher than all the rest (reminded me of "simply the best, motivation better than all the rest) because of the time hes going to have to make back

It’s up!


His public discussion thread is here:


(Locking this one off; post on thread link above please.)