Snatching High Percentage of Clean+Jerk

Quick question coach.

I hit a 185# snatch at 150 this Tuesday, a bit overdue but I don’t like to max very often, so my snatch is roughly 1.25 BW now. It felt like I had at least another 10/15 lbs in me, and I think with more emphasis on speed under the bar I can hit 205# within the next couple months.

However, my best Clean+Jerk is only 225#, and I’m really having issues pushing it up.

I’ve been doing deficit Clean high pulls and pushing my Front Squat up, as I think my legs are what’s holding me back.

Aside from technique issues, what usually causes someone to snatch a relatively high percentage of their clean+jerk?

Being faster and more athletic than strong… body type.

Heck even some elite lifters have that “problem”… Andrei Rybakou snatched 187kg and clean and jerked 195-200kg…

Would pushing my clean deadlift along with my front squat help in this case?

edt: Aside from the obvious goal of increasing my bodyweight

As long as the positions are specific, yes. You must be strong in the positions of the lift.

Bodyweight will also help a lot. The C&J is a lot more affected by BWT than snatch

Training the clean & jerk more than the snatch would also help

Hmm…would upping the intensity of my clean+jerks and lowering the intensity of my snatching work? Right now I have 2 Clean days and 2 Snatch days

I think that doing heavier C&J would help. As my old coach used to say “snatching is for athletes, c&j is for the brutes” (he trained the last male canadian medalist and the only canadian to c&j 500)… you need to practice pulling heavy weights

I guess I spoke too soon. All that deficit work came in handy.

1.5BW P Clean+Jerk…Now onwards to 2x BW Clean+Jerk and 1.5BW Snatch! And probably time to start training my jerk a bit more…that knee was swinging like Austin Powers.

Trying to be an athletic brute :wink:

edit: I guess I’ll ask for feedback once it’s uncopyrighted over the lame ass pop song my gym is playing in the background.

Would love feedback on clean if you have a chance, it finally uploaded >.>

Things I noticed: Slight, but not (hopefully) excessive arm bend in the 2nd pull, which I think we discussed before as sometimes not being an issue.

I am happy I’m meeting the bar better, even at heavier weights, as having cleans crashing on me was was starting to be rough.

The real thing bothering me was the jerk.

It felt super light, for my first time putting that weight over my head. However, the knee collapse definitely shows practicing my jerk needs to be a priority now.

Do you agree with the really strict 10% of an athletes height for the jerk that the Soviets proposed, or is it more of finding the depth that works best for you?

Also, I take it my push press depth should be the same as my jerk depth for carry over and ingraining proper body position correct?