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Snatches/one arm db snatches

Hey! I have a couple of questions regarding these great lifts.
1.How to to lower the weight safely in snatches (other than to drop it of course)?
2.Should the scapula be retracted in both lifts?
3.Should the working arm be straight all the time in one arm snatches?
Sorry for spelling. I´d approciate any tips regarding these lifts.

I can only help you in the two-arm snatch. One way to lower it is, after you complete the lift, quickly pop the bar up higher and move your hands in closer like in a clean grip and you will have more strength and control over the bar as you lower it. This was a way old-time weightlifters would show off their dominance of the bar after a big lift.

For a two-handed, I usually let the bar fall (slowing it a little) into a clean position, from there I let the bar fall (again slowing it a bit) to my knees. When letting the bar fall from a clean position make sure and keep your shoulders back (while this is feels roughter on your shoulders it is actually much much easier-I have the shoulder injuries to prove it). It also helps to bend forward slightly at the waist and bend your knees (yes, that means the bar will hit your quads, which hurts (I’ve gotten deep thigh bruises before)but not as much as a shoulder injury. As far as a single-handed snatch I’ve found it’s just easier to let it fall down (while holding on to the db). Best of luck, just ask if any of this is not clear.