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Snatches on Wooden Floor. Options?


Where I'll be doing the snatches is on a wooden floor.

I've done them there, but only light weight.

Is there anything I can substitute for them?

The problem with snatching is I don't want to hurt the floor. And there's no where else to go, unless I moved my bench/squat rack and weights outside. But I don't have garage or anything, so I'd be doing lifts on bricks... I'm pretty sure the weight stuff rusts, so I guess this is perhaps an option if I get some tarp, but I don't really want to do this.


Err, meant power clean. i.e. replace whenever I said "snatch" with "power clean" instead. durr


i believe you can sub rows for cleans


I've asked other people if I could, but they said no. They were probably newbs, I'll bet.

But I'm gonna have to get the general consensus to see if that bet is right..


You can do them without dropping the weight, but itâ??s really annoying.

I would do cleans in front of a cage with the hooks on the front of the cage set to a low front squat level.

Once you have cleaned the weight, front squat down and set it in the hook on the cage, stand up, shrug the weight out of the rack, and set it back on the floor.

It is tedious though.


wawaweewa. Very good idea. Why didn't I think of that? You don't even know what my squat rack/bench press thing looks like for shit sakes.


Just buy a thick foam pad that you can unroll for doing the cleans. Or maybe do snatches on top of a pile of cardboard.


I get two of those pads that the folks use to do sit ups on and put one on each side of the bar. It's a pain in the ass to add plates, but you will save the floor and a scolding from the gym managers.


Do them in a Cage with the pins set so the weight is just off the floor!