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Snatches and dizziness

Hey Testefolks - I’ve just started doing snatches do increase my hitting power for football but at the top of the lift I feel somewhat dizzy. I drink plenty of water during my workouts and the temperature of the room is fine. Can someone help me out?

That’s what working hard does to you. It happens often when I’m doing cleans.

A little schpeel from school to explain. This applies if you hold your breath. Holding your breath creates a marked rise in systolic blood pressure during a lift. Once the lift/set is finished, blood pressure returns to ‘closer’ to normal levels. This rise followed by a rapid decline can cause dizziness, nausea and even fainting.

Those being the possible mechanics of the problem, try to change your breathing technique.

Also if you’re on gear or have any hypertensive problems, your blood pressure may be elevated and the Valsalva Manuever (holding your breath while lifting) may be aggrevating it.

Ok BigRob, so how should I change my breathing technique?

Nate Dogg, I totally expected you to make some comment about how snatch always makes you dizzy too…you slippin’ man? dp

you might fine it beneficial to work on your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Dude - you gotta stop hitting your head on the way up!

I didn’t mean to sound like a smart ass but your reply sounded like “how should I breathe smart ass?” Maybe I’m just a little sensitive.

Anyway, Try to hold your breath to the sticking point and forcefully exhale through it. Breathe in on the eccentric.

If that doesn’t work, try to exhale through the entire concentric and inhale through the eccentric.

if that doesn’t help, I’m stumped.

Sometimes myfascial adhesions in the subocciptals can cause dizziness. the usual culprit is the rectus capitus major and minor, superior and inferior oblique, or the occipitalfrontalis. there are some other areas that can cause transient dizziness. Make sure you try the breathing suggestions. If it persists try ART. Make sure you get your BP checked.

You’re right dp, I should have said, “Whenever I do snatches, it makes me dizzy too! It doesn’t matter if its from eating snatch or humping the snatch, I get dizzy!”

Well I get dizzy too from eating but I get “jizzy” from humping…

That is so true! LOL!

maybe somewhere deep inside you know its a dumb exercise and your brain is trying to protect and get you to stop :slight_smile: peace

yea, the snatch is a totally wastefull excerciese. Do some leg extensions or something.