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Snatches and Commercial Gyms


I do power snatches from the hang at the start of every workout as an "activation" lift. My gym has no bumpers and loud noise isn't looked upon well....

There's no problem with the actual snatch, but when i try to put it down i have to do an eccentric wide grip press and them just let it drop down while keeping it in my hands; which hurts my elbows and wrists.

Is there a safer way to drop a snatch without bumpers, because as the weights get heavier i could run into problems.

*and also, i hit a 135 hang power snatch for the first time today!!! freaked out everyone lol.


Don't spend too much time on the eccentric lowering it. Just lower a tiny bit and drop it on your quads and cushion the blow. You get use to it.



thanks, i'll try that today


Never hurts to use straps, just so it doesn't jar out of your hands when the bar hits your quads.


errrr, until you miss a lift behind you and the bars "tied" to your arms!

TBH I've had the bar come out of my hands a few times as it's hit my quads and it hasn't done any damage. Plus I'd rather suffer some bruising on the quads than 2 dislocated shoulders - ouch!


Strap-up and never go for a true maximum!


I would use straps if I had to lower the bar every time, I use them sometimes for my snatch training if my hands are beaten up and losing the bar behind isn't a problem, they slip right off. I do use short lifting straps specifically for oly lifting though, it's a bad idea to use the long strong man type straps and wrap it more than one time


Indeed short straps are better.

Just go with what your comfortable with. Just be careful with straps to make sure you don't do them up around the bar too much as you won't be able to get away from the bar!