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I saw Snatch(movie) for the first time over my buddies yesterday. I thought it was pretty damn funny and had a great plot. anyone have any opinions on it?

It was a good movie.

I love those kinds of movies. 2 Days in the Valley & A Fish Called Wanda are really good too.

If you thought Snatch was good, rent “Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrells.” I think you would like that movie as well, its by the same director. Some of the same actors, no ripped to the bone Brad Pitt though. Dang.

Check out “Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels” (at least I think that’s what it’s called).

cool film.

Definatley check out lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels. I thought that was the better of the two. It’s also got that one cool guy in it. The bald dude w/the kid. He was also in rambo and gone in 60 sec.

Vinny Jones is a double hard basted.

Own it on DVD love it…

Vinnie Jones was not in Rambo, back then he was a professional footballer(soccer player you yanks). But you’re right about Gone in 60 Seconds.


After I saw on imdb rambo wasn’t listed as one of movies, i thought i might have been mistaken. If not, he has quite a look-alike, at least in my opinion. Remember the scene where he was getting tortured w/electricity and he was supposed to radio in to base. There was the ‘bad’ general guy and also the general’s ‘muscle’ guy. He looks extremely like vinny jones. check it out if you like.

yeah it was good,Brad Pitt wasn’t ripped to the bone though,his physique was better in fight club.