Snatch Video - Form Check

I’m trying my hand at weightlifting and am practicing using Nick Horton’s e-book.

Background info:
Max lifts: Squat: 285 lbs
Bench: 195 lbs
Deadlift:365 lbs

Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight:168 lbs with 25% bodyfat.
Age: 30

Currently focusing on crossfit and am learning weightlifting as a part of it. No coach.

The videos are only with an empty O bar. Today I had my 3rd lifting session and the 1st time that I used extra weight. I could use only 75 lbs. One reason is maybe because of my crossfit WOD I did yesterday which consisted of a total of 45 pull ups. Anyways, your critiques on my form. Thank you for your time!


Also from today’s session:

Move your feet closer together, no need to have your feet that big unless your legs are 26inches and they start to crush your b@lls in the bottom position. I use to start with my legs closer when I was smaller as well.

Learn to squat under the bar. Do some OHS to get familar witht he bar over your head. Keep following Nicks ebook.

When the bar is below your knee I prefer my lifters to look forwards and not down.