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Snatch Trouble


Hi guys. I snatched 82,5 kg (just above my BW) back in June last year. Since then I have been completely unable to repeat that. That's over 6 months without a PB but what really annoys me is that even 75kg feels heavy now. I took 3 attempts at 75 two days ago and failed every time.
My squats are going (slowly) in the right direction. I manage to add a few kilos every couple of weeks at least. At the moment my best FS is 120 and my BS is 135kg.

Here are a few videos. I would really appreciate if I could get any feedback. Thanks!

from June 2011


Got to stop swinging back and forth!

2 of my 3 fails at 75kg:


Post your training.


Your hips come up a bit quick. Your first miss there looked just like you psyched yourself out. Just don't do that :smiley:

Have you tried doing lifts from the hang, or pausing at the knee? Not that that would necessarily fix your problem but it might tell you where your problem is.


Hi Debra. Yeah I know, sometimes my hips shoot up too fast. It's something I worked on quite a lot and I usually do better than that. I guess it keeps reappearing ocasionally. I know I have to focus on pushing with my legs.

I usually lift from the hang with lighter weights during my warm-ups and then I move to the floor. I feel it mostly helps me not rushing my second pull and keeping the bar going up right to the crease of my hips.

You're right, sometimes it's just a case of psyching myself out but that happens as I feel the weight of the bar during the first pull. I have no training partner to shout at me! That's maybe the case of several people on this forum as well so I shouldn't use that as an excuse. You seem to be lifting on your own too? By the way, are you from Québec or did I get that wrong?

Hi Swolegasm. As mentioned above, I lift on my own and I am pretty much entirely self-coached. I am currently looking for a coach but the nearest ones are at least 12 hours from where I live. Anyway... I disgress. I decided to follow Koing's advice and adapt a similar program. At the moment is is:

Monday is FS / Sn / C&J / FS
Wednesday is BS / C&J / Sn / BS
Thursday is the same as Monday
Saturday is like Wednesday but with FS instead of BS and maybe a few jerks from the rack if I have the time.

It's working well and the squat strength is improving every week or so. The lifts are progressing very slowly. I got that 75kg snatch last night after 4 attempts. It's just that after 5 or 6 months without a PB, I was starting to doubt my technique and was looking for some other people's opinions.


Oh ok have you been following Koings method for 6months or have you just started it recently??


You could be just tight around the hip area because of the squatting, which would explain why the 75kg is now difficult. I thought it was pretty easy to pause your last video somewhere around 55 sec where your heels have left the ground but your hips are not totally straight. This causes your second pull to be a bit short, and the bar to travel a bit too far ahead. I think I see this even in the snatch you make in the earlier video (the bar travels a bit forward and you catch it a bit back). Anyhow, you miss your 75kg in the video because you cannot get under the bar.

And you really do need to stop rocking during your set up :slight_smile:


As per everyone else's and your own comments......stop the rocking! You're damn body probably doesn't know where the hell it is as every rep will be slightly different (albeit marginally)

I've noticed on the second miss with 75kg that as the bar travels overhead you're looking towards the floor. This is causing your upper back to lose its' tightness hence losing the weight forwards.

The first one, well you just talked yourself out of it I think. Give it some aggression and throw it through the f*cking roof!