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Snatch Technique

Hello CT, it’s been a while.

Did this snatch complex today and was wondering if you had any feedback to offer on the technique.

Complex is:
Power snatch + snatch (must be touch and go)

Thank you very much

Oddly enough your touch and go rep looks a bit better to me. On the first rep your hips are a tad high and your back doesn’t look set properly. But overall it looks a lot better than in the past. Good job

Thanks coach! Means a lot. It’s been a major work in progress. I’ll try definitely try and fix the things you mentioned

How heavy is that? (235 or maybe 80 kilos?) I like that complex combo-it is different from other complexes that I have seen and gives me some other combos like maybe clean high pulls from blocks plus hang full clean…

I think it’s either 185 (if the reds are 45lbs) or 205 (if they are 55lbs)… the international weightlifting color code is red = 25kg/55lbs BUT cheaper american bumper companies often put their 45lbs red