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Snatch Technique


please give comments on my technique thanks


just scroll the tiny white stuff on the right of the starting button and left of the sound button and scroll it to halfway of the video it should show a normal speed of me snatching :slight_smile:


try this


please give comments on the second video of me :slight_smile:


please give comments on the second video of me :slight_smile:


Looks good but your going down really slow.

Go down much faster under the bar.

Looks like you train in singapore with coach wu right? Or not? Looks like his place!l



thanks koing will take note of that. In this video i am not really emphasizing much on speed,just the technique that's why it is slower....

Erm yea i reside in singapore and am currently training with coach wu now. How do you know about him? through youtube?


oh yea and i also notice that i tend to jump back as you can see form the video. Same goes for my cleans. Is it ok to do that?