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Snatch Stability/Strength?


Hey everyone. I'm just wondering what sort of things I can do to improve my overhead stability/strength when doing the snatch?

I obviously need to just keep practicing the movement, but whenever I do, it just doesn't feel "comfortable" when I drop under the bar. I feel like more shoulder strength/stability in that position would help.

Just an FYI, I'm already working heavy overhead squats, as well as heavy seated overhead pin presses into my schedule just to get more used to having heavy weight over my head. Anyway, lets hear what you guys have done to get used to throwing heavy weight in the snatch around!


This could be a few issues such as core strength, flexibility, or you just need to gain more confidence driving under that bar.

If your all wobbly under the bar then you may need to really think about keeping your core tight at the bottom.
Weight on your heels, chest up, lumbar curve, your pushing up against the bar.

Flexibility could be preventing you from getting in a good solid stable position.

If it's just your confidence of getting under the bar then try snatch balances. You should be able to do more then you snatch.


snatch jerks/snatch balance might help.


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Some good tips here. A vid would help some of the members with a more technical eye (ie not me) give you applicable advice though.


When I started lifting I had this problem. I was just told to sit in the bottom position for a few seconds before standing up every time I snatch. Seemed to work well


Try to rip the bar in half. And an exercise that usually works well is drop snatches. I find that working up to a moderately heavy weight before you do your full lifts really helps find that groove on the catch.


i always had that problem until i started to really hit my upper back in training. maybe try some upper back work.


You've got a good eye man.

Your coach must be immense.