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Snatch-Reaching Back


I seem to be reaching back too much in the bottom position. I feel if I don't then I will lose the bar forward. Is this normal or something I should work on fixing? Thanks


I've found that in my case, the bar (weight) will land backwards when the second pull trajectory is too far forward.


Looks okay. Remember not everyone is built like everyone so you will have your own individual variances...if you feel that you could hold a f0ck load of weight like that then it's a position that is good for you :slight_smile:

You want bone on bone contact and your muscle not 'holding' it or you will never hold a lot of weight over head.



if you push your knees out to the sides a bit more you should be able to pull your hips forwards a bit more which should result in your torso being a bit more upright with the bar balanced in a position slightly more forward than it is at present.

but if you are strong there i don't know that i'd bother.


Thanks everyone....that's one less thing I have to worry about fixing