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Snatch Pulls with Chains


@CT are snatch pulls with chains a good exercise for speed and power or chains unnecessary?

Thank you


Not only are they not necessary they are dumb. It completely changes the motor pattern and add resistance when the bar is actually supposed to travel mostly due to mementum, not muscle action


Why is the changing of muscle patterns dumb? Seems like it would just be another variation and possibly better for upper back development because it increases the time of muscle action... Also, if momentum is equal to Mass x Velocity, then having an unload at the bottom will allow for greater velocity at the top, with greater mass (due to the chains), so there would be greater momentum.


Im going from an olympic lifter point of view. I actually tried it when I competed, also tried i with bands and it screwed up my snatch. You do not want to extend the lenght of the force production (hang with the pull) you want to create maximum Howard momentum then rapidly go down into the full snatch position.

To play devils advocate, one olympic lifter uses it but he is one out of hundreds it thousands and none of the true elite use the method. And the fact that the chinese do not use it, while they use tons of unconventional methods means something.

. For muscle can it be used? Maybe but just because you can make a logical argument doesn't mean that it will work in real life. I find that most people :

1) have a hard time mastering a proper snatch high pull as is without adding chains

2) are not advanced enough to think about usine them


Just sounds dangerous to me....


The problem with "advanced" methods is that 90% of the time those who want to try them are not yet at the level that justify their use. I find that this is either because they believe that its the secret method they need or because they lack the "visual evidance" that they know what they are doing (being big and strong) so usine all those cool methods makes them feel like sn expert.

And it seems that once you fall in love with one method , you want to apply it on every exercise without thinking whether its the n'est option right now on that exercise