Snatch Pulling and Overhead Ramp

Hi CT, could u please give me a quick feedback on this Ramp system I’ve recently set up ? :slight_smile:

-Snatch Pulling Ramp:
HighPulls + ChinesePulls 2+1 Rep Ramp-up to Max
ChinesePulls + LowPulls 2+1 Rep Ramp-up to Max
Low Pulls 2 Rep Ramp-up to Max

-Overhead Ramp:
StrictPress + PushPress 2+1 Rep Ramp-up to Max
PushPress + PushJerk 2+1 Rep Ramp-up to Max
PushJerk 2 Rep Ramp-up to Max

On both ramps I will ramp up with +5kgs each set, and do 2+1 reps, where the last rep is a warmup for the switch-over for the next exercise on the remp.
When I write Max it does not necessarily mean All-in Max but max of the day, or submax…

This would be one of out three weekly Sessions, where one would be Clean&press,Pullups & Dips, and the last one would be a Squats dominated Session…

Main Question is what u think of this Ramps ?

Thanks for an amazing forum and source of infomation !! D