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Snatch Problems


i taught myself how to clean&jerk.no problems.i may not have technique of elite weightlifter,but i have graps the basics.now,snatch is a different story.i have found that i lack flexibility in the hips.the lift itself i find awkward and requiring very precise timing of the second phase-going under.
there is plenty of step-by-step programs for mastering snatch,but i want to her from someone who trained himseelf.i just dont have enough money for some quality teaching and i feel snatch is graetest lift in the weight room for most athletes.snatch is far superior to clean and jerk regarding power production,body quickness,coordination and dynamic flexibility.my question is-how long did it take you to master snatch?
any specific stretching-static or dynamic for adressing flexibility issues?
if you miss a lift-what repurcautions?--sorry,emergency plan?
do i start with dumbell snatches?
currently,i am doing overhad squats with just a barbell first thing after warm up,but its tough on hips.
any help would be highly appreciated.
also,one more question for you ACCOMPLISHED SNATCHERS-is it true that you have to overhead squat the weight for 15 times in order to be able to snatch it once? i ask,because it sounds like a lot of repetition for a power athlete.i dont go over 5 reps in any kind of squats except bodyweight squats til failure now and then for lactic acid tolerance.
thanks in advance!
you are the best!


I thought you left?

Either way.

Here: http://www.aceathlete.com/hatch/video.htm

Look for the snatch one.


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The difference is that Edison's questions were at least somewhat intelligent. At least.


Hey, guys, go easy--this is a real question.

Snatching 5 kilos below my bodyweight, I can scarcely call myself accomplished, but I can still answer your question: No. Absolutely not. Not all oly lifters even do overhead squats or make them a huge part of their program, although the lift is invaluable when you're just starting to learn how to snatch.

Snatch technique is difficult. Are you sure you don't have enough money to get lessons? Google 'USAW,' go to the first result, click on the sidebar 'Contact Info' and 'Registered Clubs.' You'll find a list of clubs by state. Find one near you, drop by, and see what kind of deal you can work out. Or befriend an athlete or S+C coach who knows how to do it, if you're at a university or a big high school.


Snatching is not as hard as it seems. Basically it's a wide grip clean over your head. As a competitive lifter and S/C coach, I teach the overhead squat first. If you know the finished position, it's easier to get there. I also have athletes/lifters spend time working snatch grip high pulls. You need to put in the time. Go to mikesgym.com for good videos.



I taught myself how to snatch originally (have since had some coaching).

To me, it was really all about repetition with the actual movement to bring comfort into it. The overhead squat and drop snatches helped me get more comfortable catching the weight and that's about all it took.

The hook grip I find invaluable on the snatch.




when i first learnt the snatch it was with a broom stick, starting with snatch shrugs then snatch pulls from there i was simply told to let the arms bend and there it was, a power snatch. by no means is the best way to learn but it was a start,

when i actualy started weightlifting i had to be re taught to some extent. began with over head squats to snatch balance.

as Ross said earier check out what options you have for coaching asap it will make the path a hell of a lot smoother, also if you are struggling on the overhead squat with just the barbell keep at it, and stretch after each session.

as for overhead squating 15 reps before getting one snatch. never heard it put like that, Dan John (among others) has a goal that all his athletes learn to OHS bodyweight for 15 reps, that may be the origin of that one.

missing a snatch is easier that you realise and quite safe once you have the flexibility (particulay shoulders)

have a look at Qeensland weightlifting association website www.qwa.org for a progression. www.exrx.net has something too i belive

sorry for rambling. hope this helped



For hip flexibility, I'd just keep doing heavy overhead squats and go down as low as possible to get your body accustomed to moving like that.

And on another note, did anybody else laugh their asses off when BALBOS said "ACCOMPLISHED SNATCHERS"?? I just bust out laughing just thinking about that.


Snatch problems?
Just ask her to shave it, dude.

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I read "Snatch Problems" and dozens of thoughts and visions flooded my mind's eye.... and I laughed. Then I became intrigued and clicked.... and was disappointed. I wish I could offer help on the barbell snatch. If you'd like to talk about the OTHER snatch, PM me.


no way that you would have to do 15 reps OHS to snatch it!

I have never even tried to overhead squat near my snatch in the past few years.


Knobbers, that is because a 300 OHS would be a bit ridiculous! ahhhah

Anyway, I have snatched + OHS with 190 and my max is 205.


Google "mike's gym" and "Gayle Hatch" (he was USA Oly Coach at one point might still be--not sure) Both sites have great videos (esp. Hatch's)and pics. Look for Mike's snatch warm-up it is an excellent warm up that reinforces bar path and triple extension. As for me personally, improving my flexibily was key in improving my 1RM (155 lbs--shitty, yea I know) . This is a difficult movement and your main focus when begining should be bar path, technique, technique, and more technique. Never sacrifice technique for more weight. If you do, you will more than likely teach yourself poor mechanics and set yourself up for an injury. As for assistance exercises I include the following in my training.

  1. Snatch Pulls- this will help you with the first pull off of the floor.

  2. Overhead Squats- this helped me improve my flexibilty and helped me get comfortable holding heavy wts overhead. (PR--185 lbs x 2)

  3. Snatches off of blocks- will help you with the second pull and getting yourself under the bar.

  4. Hang Snatches- haven't used these in a while, but I know a lot of ppl who do.

Good Luck


I recieved a snatch problem from a chick in an alley once. The burning stopped after a few weeks. Just make sure you take all of your antibiotics!!!!


That Gayle Hatch website is awesome. The videos are great. I'm now seriously considering a trip to Baton Rouge next time I'm down in Dixie to see this guy.


drop snathes and overhead reps for technique.
guys,thanks a lot!!!
you are the best!!
keep up the good work.
now i have to go to gym to do it immediately.clock is ticking.
got to crack body weight snatch soon.