Snatch High Pull Form Check

hi coach

as i am not familiar with that kind of olympic lifting
can you help with my form ?
i am a bit of confused with the elbows position
use legs and posterior chain then shrug then pull with elbows back or straight up?
beacuse i loose the contact with the body

the bar must be in the hips, hands most distant on the bar, lack of explosiveness,the bar is near the body is good , for the rest CT has the look of the expert;-))

[quote]SWAT06 wrote:
the bar must be in the hips, hands most distant on the bar, lack of explosiveness,the bar is near the body is good , for the rest CT has the look of the expert;-))

thanks for the replay man

when should be in the hips ? i missed something ?
i want to try wider grip but my flexibility on the shoulders its not so good i will try wider next time
yeah its bit of slow

any advice coach ?


So some disclaimers: I’m not an olympic weightlifter, and I’m most definitely not an olympic weightlifting coach. But I have done the SGHP in the past, so hopefully I can offer some advice.

I think you’re focusing on the wrong details.

The first things is, high pulls are explosive movements. What you are doing is not explosive at all.

Without a bar, stand in one place and try to jump as high as you can. Maybe take a video. Notice what actually happens. You start standing, then go into a squat, then you generate a bunch of energy to push your feet into the ground, then your body moves upwards and you go onto your toes, and then you move off the ground.

An olympic lift is not quite the same thing as a jump, but it’s a similar idea. You’re basically generating a bunch of energy with your legs, pushing hard into the floor, and then transferring that energy to the bar. The snatch high pull is no different.

The second thing is, the “snatch” grip. When you’re standing vertical, the bar should rest along your hip joint, where your body pivots. Place your hands as wide as you can on the bar, see where the bar is on your body. If you need to, bring your hands in a bit until it’s in the right place.

Here are three different videos with snatch pulls. They’re somewhat different from each other, but they’re all explosive, generating force and transferring it to the bar.

See how they all generate energy with the body, and transfer that to the bar? The bar is moving mostly because of the energy they generate in their hips and legs, not because they’re actually pulling the bar up.

Once you get a basic feel for the movement, try this.

Load up the bar with a weight that’s too heavy for you to upright row. Maybe 40kg or so; maybe even heavier. Now stand up with your hands in the snatch position, then keeping your back straight, bend at the hips and the knees until the bar is halfway down your thighs. Without pulling upwards with your arms, “jump” by pressing your feet hard into the ground, and try to transfer that energy to the bar. If you do it right, you should be able to move the bar vertically toward your chin, without pulling on it with your arms. Just let your arms hang limp, like ropes holding onto the bar.

Eventually, you will figure out how to move your body to transfer energy from your body, through your feet, and then to the bar. Experiment with it a bit.

When you get it, that is the basic idea behind the snatch pull.

thanks for the info man !

its my 1st time so i need a bit of time to found the right spot !

i ll come back next week

All good advice. The most important definitely being explosive. High pulls are not a cheated upright row. It’s an act of violence using the whole body, mainly the legs and hips. The arms finish the movement once momentum has been created.

today it was high pull day so :
i take a wider grip i was trying to be explosive

but my grip is so wide to start on the hips that my hands its on an angle and create a gap on my palms so i dont got a very good grip

any thoughts

coach or anything else any advice on my form?
is that normal with my grip ?

That was quite a bit better.

I think you need to add a lot more weight to the bar to get any results out of the lift though.

Also, a hook grip (thumbs around the bar and underneath your fingers) and/or straps is what I’d suggest for grip.