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Snatch Grip Width


Hey Guys,

I am making some good progress in the gym, but I have a question about how wide of a grip you use on the snatch. I am currently using about 1.5 inches outside of the rings (which took some shoulder flexibility to get) but I am not sure If this is the right grip. Obviously, the grip is going to affect where the bar is at the hips when you finish your second pull. Is there any resources you have found on how to identify the proper with?

I am still too new I think to know for sure when I have found the "right" grip without some measuring standards, if that makes sense.


I think, generally speaking, you want a grip that has the bar sitting pretty much in the crease of your hips when you're standing straight up with it. Obviously some athletes will play around with this as per personal preference, but that's generally a good starting point. Glenn Pendlay talks some about this in a couple of his videos on learning the snatch on, I think, the cal strength website.


To find your grip standup with the barbell, chest up, arms relaxed, weight back on heels. Flex your knees 2-3 inches (Not your hips). Once you have achieved this position, lift your knee by flexing your hip. If the bar is in the right position (crease of hip), it will not move. If your grip is to narrow, the bar will make contact with your upper thigh.


Wow! I tested this, and my grip was no where near correct. I ended up putting my hands about 1/2 inch from the outside collars. Do you think this is going to be a problem for my wrists? Or will they adapt? (I am sure I can test it to find out as well)


they'll adapt. mine bother me occasionally, but it's nothing that can't be dealt with. you might consider wrapping them in some way.