Snatch Grip vs Regular Shrugs

been doing regular bar shrugs but was wondering if there is any benefit to snatch grip shrugs, functional and/or aesthetic, thanks!

From my own experience and things ive read, Anything snatch grip will usually hit the upper back and grip more than a normal grip width.

I find anything Snatch grip hits my traps much harder. This is only my opinion but the Snatch-grip High Pull is superior than both of those for traps, upper back and grip. It’s an amazing yoke building tool.

The snatch grip shrug might be a tad better because the line of pull is more in line with the fibers of the upper traps. I also find that I get a better range of motion. I rarely do regular barbell shrugs. My traps exercise (isolation) are normally:

  • one arm barbell shrugs
  • snatch grip shrugs
  • DB shrugs with a slight forward lean

wonderful, thanks for the information!