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Snatch Grip High Pulls

Gave those a try and fell in love. I like how they impact my physique and the areas they strengthen. Is my form good?


Haven’t looked at the form yet, but right off the bat I would recommend starting them above the knees. The knee passage in the Olympic lifts is the hardest technical point. Starting above the knees make the lift a lot easier technically and just as effective to build muscle

There are several technical issues. The main ones being that your grip is too narrow… the width of the grip should be such that when you are standing up with the arms strength the bar should be at the top of your pubic bone.

Second element; you are not fully extension your body; your knees should be fully extended… basically imagine trying to touch the ceiling with your head. There are other issues but focus on fixing these first


Hey Christian thank you for answering!

You’re right, I will start the bar right above the knee in the future. This is just wasted energy. I didn’t know my grip is narrow enough, I had middle fingers on rings, I guess I can go with thumbs on rings?

Lastly, how can I make my extensions better? I think triple extension but it doesn’t work too well. The touchb the ceiling to your head is good though. Is 5*5 effective here on SGHP, or should I work up to max triples and singles?

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To me the purpose of this exercise is to be explosive. Truthfully I just don’t see explosiveness in this clip. It appears you are more or less just upright rowing the weight with a little extension at the ankles.

Agreed. But exploding when form is not optimal is a recipe for disaster. Which is why I gave the technical cues first.

@bryon25 I agree, I am working on being more explosive workout.

@Christian_Thibaudeau I applied your cues, and pulled from the rack because it’s impossible to set up blocks higher then the knee. Did 115 25, 135 35, and a PR of 175*2. How does it look? Thank you for your time.

You pick the two worst camera angles to film. Shoot from a 45 deg angle.
You do lack lower body speed and tend to pull too much and too early with your arms.

Just think “stand up super fast”.

And keep your legs extended at the top, don’t rebend under.

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You’re making it into too much of an upper body movement. The main pull should be an explosive hip-hinge, not an upright row

@Christian_Thibaudeau I understand. I used that cue, and didn’t think about pulling, but just exploding with my legs. It definitely worked better!

@lord_humongous Same as above, really focused on sending the weight up with my legs.


Leg drive and hip explosion looked better, but to me it looks like you actually took too much of an emphasis off the second pull. It still needs to be explosive too. It takes some getting used to, but once you can combine and hard hip hinge with a powerful second pull you’ll be golden (easier said than done, right?)