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Snatch Grip High Pulls instead of Deadlifts in DC Training?


Im Currently doing a PPL split utilising low volume high intensity (DC style) varying the intensity level week by week.

I would like to add snatch grip high pulls to the pull day in place of deadlifts as they have such a tremendous effect on my body.

How would one put these in following the low volume high intensity approach ?

Same as dead’s / squats (one set of 4-6 and one higher rep set)

One top set (rest pause, hard 5, 54321)

Straight sets of low reps (to keep cortisol low )

I like the one set 5-4-3-2-1

I also like “hard 5s” … 3 sets of 5 with 45-60 sec of rest… with one addition, at the end of each set hold the shrugged position for as long as you can

Thanks Coach, yoke feels twice as big already