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Snatch Grip High Pulls from Floor vs Hang


Hi CT and all,

What’s the advantages/disadvantages of doing SG HPs from the floor? I’ve been adding these to my training, and I can do more weight but cannot rep them out as easy. I prefer to set a timer and do them every 30 sec for maybe 12 total reps. Also, I can let it drop from the “high” position without catching it in the hang, which seems perhaps beneficial.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts on going a bit lighter and doing sets in the 3-5 rep range from the hang, and other days doing heavier singles from the floor? I’m not that great at these, or that big of a dude, so for me doing 185 lbs from the floor and 145 lbs from the hang is about where I’m at. But I cannot do 185 lbs from the hang for multiple reps, so my thought is doing singles from the floor at a higher weight is a good addition to my training.
Thanks for any responses in advance.


If you have a drastic different, being stronger from the floor, it’s likely that you are doing them wrong. The mistake you are making is likely exploding right from the floor whereas in a correct high pull, your lift under control from the floor to the knees and accelerate as you pass the knees.