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Snatch Grip High Pull


Hey fellas,

Here is my top weight of SGHP's from the other day and I was wondering if I could get a critique.


Not really a critique, but I'd say that form looks exactly like mine at my 1-3 rep max... In general it looks good to me to keep progressing


How much weight is it?

Why only one rep? Do pulls for triples.

Form looks not bad, need to be more aggressive and FASTER. Stay on your heels and drive off your heels and drive up.



This is 305. Probably a little too heavy. I get caught up in chasing weight from time to time. 265-275 is about my top weight before I see a drop off in that aggression and speed. I will get a video of some lighter weight in a couple of days.

Also, I will start performing some triples instead of singles. I am not an Olympic weightlifter and do not have a trainer so I don't really know any better. I am going to plead ignorance :smiley:

Thanks a lot for chiming in Pelham and Koing!


howie424 there aren't many olympic weightlifters on this forum mate...LOL.

I saw 305 in the film only now :stuck_out_tongue: it was just odd seeing one rep that was all. Triples are much more productive for pulls IMO.



Pulled too high to be of much use for actual Olympic weightlifting. Pulling too high also results in leaning back too much rather than keeping the torso vertical, and as a result not being balanced in the drive or catch.


Xiaojun begs to differ :stuck_out_tongue:

althingsgym.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Lu-Xiaojun-Snatch-High-Pull-2011-Paris-World- Championships-Training-Hall-Rob-Macklem.jpg

I don't think the act of pulling high necessarily means you are leaning back too much. The OP is pretty vertical imo and Lu is not leaning backwards at all.