Snatch Grip High Pull Technique

Can someone give some clarification on the SGHP. I have already refeered to the articles and videos on this site but I have seen alot of other articles and videos showing the trainer driving is elbows more upward as if there is some internal rotation while I see others maintaining the wide grip, slight bent, and essentially looking like as ife their elbows are flying out as they pull the bar up.

Now what exactly is the technique here? How high do I pull, do I shrug up top, do I drive with my hip forward balancing on my toes? I have also seen some OL’s pull and then slightly row it to their neck as they pull? Is that right or something? Because as I am watching the space between the bar and the lifter is far and not close so could someone clarify the whole technique from top to bottom of the execution such as hip drive, feeth and grip width, elbow angle, pulling motion, elbows locked?, etc…


You aren’t going to get much on SGHP from the OL forum. You need to chekc it out in CTs forum. Ask him your questions and post a video of yourself doing the lift. He will help you.