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Snatch Grip High Pull Sets/Reps? Scheduling Extra Workouts?

Hello CT,

Lately, the talk about the SGHP died on this forum however I just did SGHP again for like the first time since 2 years but it’s like riding a bicycle you don’t forget how to do it.
I wanted to ask now in the year 2018 what’s your favorite rep scheme or rep scheme combination for hypertrophy with this lift.

Another question regarding small extra workouts: if one has 2 extreme workouts for the lower body per week and wants to do an extra workout what’s the best time to do them.
Sunday-evening - real workout
Thursday-evening -real workout

Should one do the extra workout on Monday or Tuesday or Wensday or in the morning of the real workout ? ( a small workout could consist of some air squats, box jumps or some lunges and glute bridges …)

Thanks in advance CT !

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It hasn’t changed.

From the hang I like sets of 5 for hypertorphy
For strength I like 3/2/1 waves or 5 rep clusters from blocks

Okay thank you CT, are you still so in love with SGHP like back when you started writing about them ?

I don’t get “in love” with an exercise or method.

As a type 2A I get really high on an exercise or method while I’m learning all about it and the best ways to use it. Once I understand it, it stops being “fun” and I need to study something else.

That doesn’t take anything away from the exercise, I still recommend it, but I don’t have the same passion for it as when I was experimenting with it.

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