Snatch Grip High Pull from Pins?

Hi Coach, i don’t have access to lifting blocks and was wondering if Snatch Grip High Pulls from pins would be a viable alternative?

Well, there is no real difference if you start from pins or blocks, both are from a deadstart.

Well, to be honest there are 2 differences. One is minor and the other one might not apply.

  1. If you high pull very heavy weights (400lbs+) you will get a bit more whip from blocks which can help you slightly. But it probably isn’t even significant.

  2. The pins prevent you from using a real snatch grip for most (the pins are not wide enough, you risk trapping your fingers when you bring the bar down to the pins). When I train in my home gym I don’t have blocks so I do high pulls from blocks, but I have to use an intermediate grip (slightly narrower than a snatch grip but wider than a clean grip).

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Thank you coach, for your reply. I actually tried doing some Snatch Grip High Pulls on pins, in my home gym, after my intial post, and had to slighty narrow my grip.

What’s your optimal grip placement for trap activation or does it really matter ?

I doesn’t matter than much, but it has to be significantly wider than shoulders. This will decrease arm flexor activation and will shift more of the stress on the traps.

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Thank you, sir. I’m having distal bicep repair tomorrow but will be back stronger than ever.