Snatch Grip High Pull And Neck Size

Hi Coach,
recently I read your article about the snatch grip high pull and I loved it. I think I will include this exercise in my program because my upper body is a little lacking and I definitively need to look more “yoked”. My question is: will this exercise help me to add some mass on my pencil neck or I still need to hit it with specific work?
Thanks in advance for your time.

No it will not work the neck. It will make your traps bigger, but not the neck itself.

Thank you very much, I’ll add some specific neck work to my program.

Adding SGHP to my routine put more mass on my traps than anything else.

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No doubt. I strayed away from it for about a year, got back to it 5 weeks ago and I noticed a drastic difference

I have tried it several times since you first popularized the SGHP on this site. But I never got much out of it and didn’t know why. Now I assume it’s partly because I’m a type 2B and need to feel the localized muscle tension and pump, which I never got from SGHPs. But I bet I could feel it better if if I did some upper back pre-fatigue sets in the traps and rhomboids.

Try seated muscle snatches as they smoke the traps