Snatch Grip DL

Should I use straps for these? I feel that grip strength will end up being a limiting factor. I have never used straps for anything but these are tough to hold on to. Maybe hook grip?

Straps are fine. Many people think using straps is wimping out. The straps are OK for utilizing on an overload exercise such as snatch grip deads and will preserve your grip for when you really need it during the max lifts and competition. Just don’t make it a habit of using them all the time.

They are expected with snatch grip deads. the grip is too awkward to hold a substantial amount of weight.

Well I just hookgrip mine and try and lift as much as I can witgout straps :slight_smile:

Hookgrip works better for me than straps

Yeah I like hook grip but i use the progression: Normal OH > Hook Grip > Straps

Changing when my grip starts to go. That way you are always straining your grip and making sure it improves whilst still getting the benefits of the exercise.