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Snatch Grip DL Form?

Which do you guys feel is better? Performing snatch grip deadlifts on a box by being somewhat bent over, or by squatting down and keeping your back upright. I noticed that when I squat down I’m in the same position as if I was doing a full squat. I was just curious because I recently started doing them and realized there were two ways to do them.

I think that your lower back is always supposed to maintain its natural curve. Allowing your lower back to round out during deadlifts or squats is a recipe for a disc problem.

Aside from that, you can bend over or stay straight as much as your comfortable with. However, I think most people generally agree that a deadlift should start with your hips slightly above your knees. Otherwise, you’re essentially just squatting. I think there are some articles on the site about proper pulling form. Check them out.

Having your hips a bit higher will put more emphasis on your posterior chain (the point of the exercise)… However rounding the back should be avoided.

Without good flexibility its very difficult to keep a lordotic curve in the snatch grip deadlift, much less from a platform. I’d start with snatch grip deadlifts from the floor and work my way up as my flexibility improved.

I say get your hips down. The whole point of the exercise is to increase the range of motion.

It is like an Olympic squat due to the low depth. If you don’t squat with much depth then you will find them quite challenging.

Keep the neutral low back thats the key. Most people will need some extracurricular exercises to get their flexibility and strength. CT Black Book has some great progressions tips to be able to do this.