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Snatch Grip DL For Posture?

Been trying to improve my upper back posture for quite some time and started experimenting with Snatch Grip DL (rack pulls, actually). It seems to correctly perform the move i really need to stress upper back extension with my chest out and shoulders back.

Would this be a good exercise for not just strength/mass but also for fixing ones slumped posture? Are there any other compound lifts that will really help with posture? front squats come to mind but are there others? Thanks.

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Overhead squats are GREAT for this. They really teach you how it ought to feel to stand up straight. If you don’t keep your thoracic spine extended, and scapulae retracted in an OHS, you will fall the fuck over. This is an excellent motivation.

Start light, though. You’ll be surprised how hard they are.

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