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Snatch Grip DL-Conventional DL Ratios?


Anyone know what an average, strong, and excellent snatch grip deadlift would be relative to their conventional deadlift? More specifically, if one's conventional deadlift is 405, what would be an average, strong/above average, and excellent snatch grip deadlift based on a 405 conventional deadlift? Thanks.



I'd like to see some ratios.

Not long after I pulled 425 convo I did 345 snatch grip (index fingers outside rings) and lost my grip at the knees with 365.


I hear you. My grip is always my weak link on the snatch grip deadlift. Such an awesome exercise though. That's strong! My conventional deadlift is 405. I've pulled only 305 on the snatch grip deadlift, but my grip is about 2 inches wider off of the rings.



What's the difference between snatch DL and conventional DL?
I read the articles of the effect but what is the grip difference? How far spaced out is a snatch dl grip as opposed to convential dl grip?


about 85% I would guess for most people.


It is the same grip you would use to snatch a barbell (for me that is about 1/2 inch outside the rings on an Elieko bar), which causes the range of motion to be increased dramatically. It is similar to doing DLs from an elevated position, or if you want to have lots of fun, do snatch grip DLs from an elevated position.


185kg convo
170kg snatch

no belt with straps

But we don't really train these lifts regularly (once a month or less). We use them more as supplemental lifts for the classical lifts.


Is that index finger and thumb at that position or your pinky?


Index, they are a tough exercise.


Try using a hook grip like the Oly guys do. It hurts liks a mother, and will definitely take some getting used to, but you can move some big weights with it.

If I remember correctly, las time I maxed on snatch grip DL's, I pulled something in the very low 4's. Conventional is 505, so right about 80% for me.