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Snatch Grip Deads

I have read about some of the benefits of it. Just wondering what Jim’s thought on it are? Or if anyone else has experience with it. How would you go about cycling the snatch grip and the conventional?

I would never use the snatch grip pull as a main lift. Unless the lifter is extremely flexible and experienced, he/she will usually end up doing some kind of rounded back, stiff-leg pull when higher percentages are used. Also, I can’t see there being any carryover to the conventional pull if you cycled to the snatch grip for any amount of time.

Just keep the conventional pull as the main lift and do snatch grip pulls as assistance work in the higher rep ranges, nothing below 5s.

It’s used as a supplemental movement - I suppose if one wants to justify their position like the FrontSQ do, you can. But it’s best used as I said earlier.

I don’t like doing fsl deadlifts, so I alternate snatch grip high/low pulls every other cycle instead. 2 reps, 6-8 sets. They work really well together.