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Snatch Grip Deads Harder?


I had never really known about snatch grip deads until this program were i became intrested and tryed them out. Am I the only one who feels these are alot harder then conventional deads? I can't pull nearly as much as i can normally. Why is it? poor form?


You have to get lower and pull through a longer range of motion. I personally love them.


Yes much harder:

  1. longer range of motion
  2. weaker grip position
  3. upper back isometric strength can become a limiting factor

Very good movement to build the quads, glutes and upper back


Do you recommend using straps for these?


In one of the livespill, you said that you used straps on snatches because otherwise it might drain CNS. You it be best to use strap all the time with the HP-mass program?

If yes, what would you recommend if forearm growth if wanted, without putting CNS recovery at risk?


I am unable to squat due to knee injuries but can deadlift without any problems. On the HP-Mass program would it be ok to use snatch grip deadlifts followed by conventional deadlifts.


Yes, I actually used this approach this morning with the canadian bodybuilding national middleweight champion


If your goal is simply to gain muscle mass and/or strength without any intent on competing in olympic lifting... yes... A snatch grip is much weaker, and you can't use an alternating grip with a snatch grip. Don't want grip strength to be a limiting factor on this exercise.


I'd only use straps on deadlift-type movements, not rowing motions.

You can actually add a forearm circuit at the end of the the upper body emphasis days... sets of 15-20 reps (due to the short range of motion) for 3-4 forearm movements.


CT regarding grip strength i personally dont like using straps because I wrestle in college, and unfortunately i dont think my opponent will let me wrap that around there wrist before a match starts. Is there any magic to increasing grip strength, or does it just improve over time as you progress with heavy deads, rows, etc.?


CT, thanks for your reply and thanks for the HP-Mass program it has changed the way I will train forever. I had trained HIT for the last 18 years and wish I had discovered your training ideas a lot earlier. I am loving the HP-Mass program and making better progress now than I ever have previously.
Many thanks.


hey CT what is the best quad specific deadlift movement? (trap bar or snatch grip)


Not CT but I use snatch grip dead lift off a 4" platform due to being unable to squat and find it hits the quads very hard.


The trap bar deadlift is better, especially if you can stand on a podium (or 2 45lbs plates) so that your hips are lower than the knees in the starting position.

The snatch grip deadlift is good, but the lower back is involved more than in the trap bar dead. And people with short arms cannot do a proper snatch-grip deadlift on a podium.


What hip stretches do you use for athletes that can't get into the starting position without rounding the back?