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Snatch Grip Deadlift


Whats up T-Nation? So for the last few weeks I've been incorperating the snatch grip deadlift into my programming, and I have to say that they have become one of my favorite deadlift variations. They absolutely fry your upper back (and I love training back).
Just wanted to get some feedback on everyone else's opinion of them as well as how they do/would work them into their programs.


i tried them a few times. I never really felt it in my legs much, because i was limited by grip and upper back.. to be honest i prefer snatch grip high pulls for upper back, and stick to trap bar deadlifts or front squats for my lower body development.


I started doing the snatch grip high pulls after I saw the article on here and they are awesome. I didn't realize how awesome until I tried to do some power cleans later during the same workout. It could not be done. I am thinking of trying out deads holding the plates, which would be even wider than snatch grip deads. Anybody got feed back on those?


I like to use them as an assistance lift for my conventional deadlifts from time to time or I will use the snatch grip as a warm-up for 2 or 3 sets. When warming up with the snatch grip it makes the working sets of my conventional deadlifts seems easier.


I still consider those to be snatch grip deads, I've done both types though and i definatly prefer doing them while holding onto the plates. You just have to be sure and keep everything nice and tight.