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Snatch Grip Deadlift


Just started doing a cycle of snatch grip deadlifts as my max effort exercise. Was wondering what you guys all thought about them and if any of you have used them and seen an increase in other exercises too. So far I have gotten 425 for 3 as a best, post if you like them or if you feel there are better.


Something's not right here. You just started incorporating snatch-grip DL's as a ME exercise and are already hitting 425 for a triple? Something smells.


I have been lifting for a while, and have done them occasionally, I can conventional deadlift around 560. I would not say that I am new to deadlifting, just snatch grip.


My two cents-
I've been utilizing the snatch grip deadlift off a 4 inch platform, and not only have I begun to see greater development in my upper back, but also a good carry over to conventional deadlifting as the snatch grip off a platform increases the range of motion. Stick with it for a while.


Thanks for the input man, I'll stick with it for a few weeks and then I'll prob start doing them off a platform too.


I would strongly suggest doing them off a 4 inch platform, it's become my single favorite exercise... and its made me a shitload stronger. I think it was charles poliquin who suggested changing the form of deadlift every 6 deadlift workouts.. I've been switching it up between hook grip conventional and hook grip snatch off a platform and my numbers keep going up :slightly_smiling:


Allright thanks man, I'll deff keep them up. Going for 430 for 3 next week!


SGDL are used extensively by throwers. They don't wear your CNS as much and it gives a better carryover to the muscles used than conv DLs or at least as far as throwers need them.

Often recommended off a small platform or using 10 kg plates.

Two methods I have seen used by throwers.
1, is pulling submaximal with max speed, when you start to slow down you have reached your work weight.

The 2nd recommned by your own Adam Nelson is to do them slow up and slow down with no stopping. No bounce or t & g but slow down slight pause a little off floor, slow up.

Seen Heinz Weitz WC hammer 1999 do sets up to 180kg for 8s in this style complete with shrug at top. Not a pulling shrug but a shrug without the momentum. I personally hate this style, it absolutley kills my lower back.

Note neither style involves max weights.

Anyway play around with them, have fun


If i had the hip mobility to do them off a block then id love to do it!

Its amazing what a difference the extra ROM from moving your hands out 6 inches makes.

If you do them without straps they are a wicked grip exercise too.


Well, that's my bad then. The way I read your original post, it made it sound like you were a newb who'd fallen bass-akwards into a +400 lb. snatch-grip DL in his first couple tries.

As far as the lift itself, I definitely feel it more in my hamstrings than a conventional pull. I also find it easier to do them in weightlifting shoes, since it lets me get deeper in the hole. Then again, I have super short arms; doing snatch deadlifts off of a platform would be nigh impossible for me.


I hate snatch grip deadlifts. Gave them up after the last time.. The bar comes up way high, it flipped my nuts up and BAM my nuts was between 200pounds and my torso. Now that's painful.


I had the same problem, fixed it with a simple solution. Tighty whities. Take off the boxers and don the whities, tuck your shit in and problem solved. :slightly_smiling:


Haha, ya sorry about that elc, I should have rephrased the way I said it to I have just started incorporating them into my training.


Ya, wearing compression shorts or tighty whities would be a good idea with snatch grip deadlifts.



Boxers ?

T-whities ?

Are you serious ?


good for throwers eh? im gonna have to start doing them as i need to make districts!


Did them today and hit a personal best 435 for 3....Was pretty pumped up for the rest of the workout