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Snatch Grip Deadlift to Snatch Grip High Pull Ratio?

Hey Coach!

Was wondering if you have a snatch grip deadlift to snatch grip high pull ratio? If not, do you have some strenght standards and benchmarks?

No because it is highly dependent on the individual skill and background. Someone who is naturally very explosive and/or has good experience on the olympic lifts will have a much higher ratio.

I’ve done a snatch grip high pull (from blocks, but still) with 180kg and my proper form SGDL must not have been higher than 200kg. But I’ve seen powerlifters with huge deadifts who couldn’t do a proper high pull with over 100kg. What happens is that those with no experience on the olympic lifts and who are very strong will “arm pull” which is both inefficient and besides the point, not to mention dangerous for biceps tears.

I would say that in a decently skilled individual who has good explosiveness that a snatch-grip high pull that is 65-75% of the snatch-grip deadlift is pretty good