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Snatch Grip Deadlift PR

This morning at a bodyweight of 185, I snatch grip deadlifted 315 for a single after hitting 4 triples with 275, and a triple with 295. The most limiting factor for me is grip. I did not use any straps. The 315 felt heavy, but went up smoothly. If I warm up properly, I think I can pull up to 350 this way. That’s about 55 pounds less than my lifetime conventional deadlift max of 405. I’m pretty happy about this result.


Awesome man, snatch grip deads are pretty tough. Keep making progress!

Did you use the hook grip?

This is an awesome exercise, but when I do them from a deficit I find that it really aggrevates my dodgy right knee because it forces you to squat down even lower into the starting position.

[quote]theuofh wrote:
Did you use the hook grip?[/quote]

No, just regular grip with lots of chalk. My new bar is much easier to grip than my old one!


Use mixed grip, thats what I do when sgd.

[quote]Typhoon wrote:
Use mixed grip, thats what I do when sgd.[/quote]

I’ve never tried it. It sounds like it would be tough though.



I did 155kg @ 88kg for 3reps.