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Snatch Grip Dead vs. Leg Press


So i'm doing 531 and currently I use leg press as one of my assistant workouts for deads. I'm getting kind bored of doing leg press and was looking for something new to do. I read the article on snatch grip deads and i was thinking of using it instead of leg press on days I do deads.

Jw what you guys think about it. you think it would be too much to do in one day or anything like that?



farmers walks good mornings and deep squats hold for 3 secs explode up really help deadlifts.. look up and add and follow a power lifter name chris jenkins actually here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002371648966 hes basically the guru at DL


snatch grip DL is beast.pleez dont use the leg press too often



Do you do them? did they help with your squat and deadlifts and make your legs bigger?

How'd you incorporate it into your routine?


i dunno. maybe try 'em and see how you find 'em. i guess the idea is to get and keep your hips real low so you mostly use leg extension to lift the weight. a lot of people find snatch grip deadlifts pretty humbling with respect to the weights they move, and can take a while to develop the flexibility to get your hips down under them, too (a lot of people have trouble keeping their hips down in regular deadlifts).

only way to figure out what they do for you is to try them.


Why not? The leg press is one of my fav lower body movements, and probably the one I see the MOST quad growth from.


Think about why you're doing the lift. If you're doing the lift to get a bigger deadlift then what do you think would have more carry over to your deadlift? If you're doing it to get leg size then which do you think would give you more growth.

Every lift you do should have a specific purpose.



I wanna get me deads bigger, so i'll be doing snatch grip deads. My max is 425 now, at 175 pounds. I'm doing 531, any ideas on how heavy i should go on the sets?


I wouldn't do them for 'leg' work. I do them on a fairly regular basis as an assistance to DL but I consider it back, glutes, hamstrings (yes I know that's part of the leg). Top of the list for me is back. Read this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_power_look

I also like zerchers, wide box squats and front squats as assistance to DL


How do you deadlift? (nice numbers btw)


You must be one of those Westside types.....lol.

Yeah, definitely agree about where snatch grip hit. I just started to incorporate them and I felt them in my upper back.

OP, I wouldn't go heavy at first and would just work on my form. Besides, you don't know what the impact of them will be on your recovery. It's always easier to add weight to the bar if you find it too light and non-impactful. If you start too heavy then your ego will get in the way of going lighter (at least mine does).

There was also a really good article just written on the snatch grip dead. If you go to the front page and check it out you'll see it there.



Nah. Not Westside. I just like particular lifts for different reasons. Westside seems complicated to me :slight_smile:

Thanks for linking that article. I hadn't seen that one. We did SG DL last night and I realise I may grip too wide. At 5.6", I grip index fingers on rings. If you hook it, it works okay though.


ouroboro--how would front squats help my deads? kinda interested

caveman--i just do conventional

atypical--thanks, i'll just go slow with it and add more weight as a go along

Thanks for all the comments guys, really appreciate it


front squats work the upper back, since youve got to hold the weight from falling in front of you, and the quads more do to the different angle then a back squat, which you need to get the bar off the ground.


makes sense, thanks


periodization bible template esp. hamstring curls 5 X 20


not familiar with the bible, but i found an article on it