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Snatch Grip Behind The Neck Push Press - Technique

So I am really interested in this exercise but what are some cues to follow or techniques to remember?

I tried this exercises today but I only went wide enough to where my middle finger was wrapped around the ring on a standardize barbell, is this enough to be considered a snatch grip?

I tried wider but my left shoulder felt unstable.

I also had issues catching the drop where at one point I hit the neck which now is sore and swollen slightly.

I like the exercise alot but cant seem to catch the right technique and cushion when hitting the negative and dropping the barbell down, any tips?

Usually when I do the OHP push press, I expand my ribcage, big chest, slight retraction, chin tucked and press back with elbows tucked and then out for a lockout but with this exercises I cant apply those cues, am I right?

The positioning is different.

Grip width depends on your height / wing span.

Catching a negative bar takes some practice and finesse. Start with lighter weight and get used to it. There is no magic trick to get it right.

It’s a good strength lift, but snatch balance / snatch drop is a better lift for driving home the bar path and position.

Why do you want to do this exercise?