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Snatch From Platform


Id have a question about snatch from platform (5-10 cm)

I mean like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LS4ohCvmFA

Is it “easier” (I can move more) or “harder” (I can move less) than regular snatch? I mean we are pulling it for additional 5-10 cm and my question is whether these centimeters will exhaust us OR they will allow as to accelerate the bar more… I hope Ive explained it well so you get my point :slight_smile:

Thx for opinions

I think you meant to post this in the olympic lifting forum? I don’t really snatch, but I’m pretty sure the point of pulling from a deficit is to make it harder.

it makes it harder, all the explosiveness comes from the second pull, not the first.

Oh what I would do to get that ankle mobilty … it would fix so many things

ah, I see the thread has been moved to Olympic Lifting section :slight_smile: So is it really harder?

Sure it’s harder. But not necessary to train the snatch, most have issues pulling from the hip.

Harder… It is generally used to strengthen the first pull and keeping the back in the correct position/tight all throughout the first pull. Having momentum going into the 2nd pull helps with pull height, but not as much as having a tight back and correct position over the bar. That is why a lot of lifters can snatch/clean more from blocks than they can from the ground let alone a deficit.