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Snatch Form Critique



Hello, I’m trying to learn the olympic lifts and would appreciate any feedback that I can get on my technique.


Ok, so… no worries. Some common beginner issues. Overall a really good tempo and power transfer. Honestly it looks a lot more intuitive than your clean.

All that said, you are using barbell momentum and your shoulder rotation to turn the bar overhead. You will not get very far without a major fundamental change. Don ding on how much torque you manage to accomplish you’ll end up with messed up rotator cuffs.

  1. A power shrug should start the transition, and your elbow will break.
  2. You need to pull the bar almost perfectly vertical, and then pull yourself under.
    For this I have had great luck with a (2 snatch pull + snatch) complex. Your snatch pull and snatch should theoretically be the same first pull. But for the drill, you might emphasize really pulling high with elbows.

Keep it up!


I’ll add a few items:

  1. Start with the shoulders over the bar, slightly in front of the bar. Might need to raise the hips a bit to do this.

  2. Keep the bar closer to your body, especially through the second pull, knee to hip. In fact, slightly brush the thighs.

  3. Do not jump forward to get under the bar. That is a sign that the bar has been pulled forward and will definitely cause failure with heavier/limit weights. Slide the feet to the side, or back. OK to jump back, but only slightly.

  4. Work on getting lower in the squat.