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Snatch Form Critique


Please critique my snatch form and give me advice
To try and preemptively answer some questions, I'm 17, I've never had a coach, no gyms in dubai have a platform and I have one inch heels in my converse to substitute for lifting shoes.




Your throwing the bar up with your shoulders. The power to get the bar above your head should come from the hip extension and you should come underneath the bar to catch it and squat up.


Thanks for the reply
That's a great point, but before I get back to snatching I have to work on Overhead Squats/Drop snatches because I found out today that I can only drop snatch ~50kg
and you can't snatch what you can't overhead squat right? So i'm going to work on that first


If you think doing drop snatches will help correct problems you have then do them. If you are doing them just because someone out there told you you have to be able to drop snatch a weight to be able to snatch it don't. I've never done drop snatches other than just to warm up, so I almost certainly won't be able to drop snatch what I can snatch. Does this mean I'm snatching incorrectly? No, it means I haven't devoted my time to learn an accessory lift that personally won't help me fix specific problems I have. Remember the accessory lifts are there to fix specific problems YOU have, don't worry about doing them unless they are your main issue. There's only one lift that has 100% transferal to the snatch and that's the snatch.

I'm not telling you not to do drop snatches it's just from what you said I'm not sure you are doing them for the right reasons


When I said you can't snatch what you can't overhead squat/drop snatch I meant it as a rhetorical question as in I was rationalizing why I was planning to do this.

So I went in the gym and did some drop snatches today. I did them by setting the Pins in the power rack around the top of my abs, squatting the weight up and then drop snatching.(I do them like this because my gyms has no platform).
Turns out this way is dangerous as shit if I miss (I missed), so yea, I'm just going to stick to snatching.


Snatch 57.5kg


61kg Snatch (PR)


I'm just a beginner lifter but based on my limited observation on how you basically muscle snatched those weights, I'm certain that you can lift much more. It's very unfortunate that you can't find a gym with proper equipments for weightlifting. Unless you aren't afraid to drop the weight, your progress (number and technique) will be limited IMHO and based from my limited experience (I also started in a commercial gym like you). I'm sorry if this sounds discouraging but actually I just hope that you'll be able to find a proper place to train.

What's your height/weight BTW?


Those are valid points about technique and weight being limited, but I'll be in the US for University by next June where I can hopefully find a gym with a platform. So this setup is temporary.
I guess until then I'll just get really good at muscle snatching...
Or try to do full squat snatches and get kicked out of a couple of gyms for dumping attempts (I might actually do that)

I'm 6'0" 90kg


Oh no wonder how easy it seems looking at your height and weight. My snatch PR is also 60 kg and I have trouble doing it with my 174cm and 67kg body :wink:

I'm glad that you'll soon hopefully be able to find a proper place to train.


Haha maybe that video made it seem easier than it was, I missed 8 times over the last two days before making that attempt

Shit! You're almost at bodyweight! Keep it up



Congrats for giving this lift a try. Without coaching and with the limitations you mention, you're doing ok.

Now, some advice.

1)Make sure your grip width is correct, which means that it should be wide enough that when the bar is hanging, it crosses your pubic bone.
2)Try to get some regulation sized bumper or tech. plates. Doing the snatch from a low starting position is hard enough for experienced lifters, nevermind someone trying to learn technique.
3)Back should be straight.
4)Shoulders should be directly over the bar, which should be directly over the base of the big toe, at the starting position (Set)
5)The bar should start from the floor and move towards you, not away, which is what you're doing now.
6)Think of extending your knees by driving them to the rear and sweeping the bar towards you as you rise. Think about staying flat-footed through most of the pull.
7) The movement to accelerate the bar should be thought of as more of an explosive catapulting motion from the hips, rather than a jumping motion of the legs.
8)Don't think of shrugging up but, only shrugging and pulling yourself downward to get under the bar to the catch position.

Good luck. And, keep posting and asking questions.