Snatch Form Check

Hello CT
Hope all is well

Not sure if you are busy with seminars but if you have a moment could you take another look at my
snatches? I posted a video awhile back and your main recommendation was that I solidify the lockout position.
I feel my main problem now is that I am not using my legs to the fullest extent during the 2nd pull and do not know how to go about solving it. The edited video includes 4 snatches at increasing weights.

Thanks again for all your help

It’s not bad really. Quite an improvement. I do find that you tend to push your hips forward too much during the explosion… when the bar passes the knees, the knees and hips move forward too much instead of moving upward.

I’ll make a more complete analysis tomorrow.

CT , thanks for your time.
Going along with your statement about my hips, I’ve noticed for some time that I don’t extend straight up but instead lean backwards a lot. Interested to hear your thoughts.